Blog and Websites: Independent Themes

Tumblr Name:  Independent Themes

Main Features: Hello everyone, Independent Themes, is a simple and on-point blog that offers themes and tutorials. The blog is very simple and friendly user, 

User support: Yes
Free themes: Yes
Creative and Unique themes: Low
Friendly User Interface (easy/hard to navigate on the blog): Easy
Presentation: Good

Independent Themes only offers 6 themes, but what makes it so special? Is that this blog offers "we moved" themes and a dedicated blog for Tumblr tutorials. Also you can ask the author any questions or doubts you have about the themes. A blog worth the visit. You can visit the blog at Independent Themes.

Tumblr High Res Themes for 2016

Hello 2016! Here's Tumblr best High-Res for those who love photographic and artistic pictures.This themes can be found at Tumblr/themes and they are free. Don't forget to share!

#1 A Good Year
A good year is made by by jimmy18dev.
AGoodYear is a history of your life.
Beautiful, simple and easy to use AGoodYear.

Bullet points of all features:
○ Customizable colours: background, title, description, nav, social links, body text, links, post footer, ○ date, note count, tags and pagination.
○ Logo upload
○ DISQUS commenting system
○ Show/hide description
○ Show/hide social links
○ Font Awesone included

#2 Z E N

ZEN is a ultra-simple and zen-style Tumblr theme built for minimalist. Happy blogging!
Theme made by sanographix.
○ Simple and minimal design
○ Responsive (mobile and tablet ready)
○ Support all post types
○ Support syntax highlighting
○ Share buttons
○ Customizable Header title logo
○ Support DISQUS

#3 Candice Theme
Theme made by artistic-influence
Candice is a single column Tumblr theme created with both visual and text posts in mind, which is why no matter what post type, your posts are displayed beautifully. Almost everything is easily customizable without the need for any coding. This themes is retina ready and 100% responsive, it will look great on any tablet, cell/mobile phone, laptop and desktop device.

Features Shortlist:

○ Highly customizable
○ Full width or boxed layout with gutter options
○ All text are customizable, font-weight and custom fonts
○ Standard Tumblr font and Google font ready(600+ free font options at your disposal)
○ Different header logo/text and layout options
○ Disqus comment system
○ Infinite scroll or read more button pagination options
○ Twitter and Instagram feeds
○ Social links up to 17 social networks
○ High-res images

#4 Ladder
Theme made by Abacus. The templates features:
○ Images respond to the size of the screen whether on phone, tablet, laptop or PC.
○ Displays all types of posts, including text, images, video/audio, links and quotes.
○ Post information can be switched on for a blog site, or turned off for a magazine or
lookbook style site.
○ Like posts.
○ Share posts with Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr reblog.

#5 Minelienda
Minelienda is a minimalistic, customisable, responsive, fluid grid, full width tumblr theme for your blogs. Theme made by minelienda. 
Some features on Minelienda:
○ 500px and Instagram integration.
○ Minimalistic, even with every feature turned on.
○ Sidebar with custom content areas. Can be switched on/off.
○ Blogs I Follow and Posts I like for primary blog(s).
○ Content Slider with 3 slides. Can be switched on/off.
○ Footer area with one custom content area, four custom links and credit area.
Can be switched on/off.
○ HiRes and Retina ready.
○ Tons of color options.
○ Tag based navigation. Can be switched on/off.

#6 Calypso
A video first theme that is fully responsive working seamlessly across devices. 
Theme made by by we-love-video.

Video Channel Player 
Add a video channel player to your theme to deliver continuously playing video that auto-refreshes whenever content is added to that video channel. Select channels you own or like from thousands of Yahoo’s channel providers on

Express your Identity
Use a header image along with a background image
to express your personality, taste or identity

New button on Tumblr!

Hello Tumblr fans! There's a new button in Tumblr:

Send a post to someone that’ll love it.
Messaging news! Three things are happening! All of them are good: 
There’s a new button on every post. It’s a paper airplane.
That paper airplane lets you send any post as a message.
And messaging is out to everyone. We flipped the switch.
So now 100% of you can talk to a Tumblr using posts instead of words. Or in addition to. Whichever. Have fun! 
The paper plane is on iOS and the web right now, and it’ll be flung out to Android users over the next 24 hours.

For more information and updates, dont forget to visit the official Tumblr Staff blog: