Christmas Fonts

Let's put some Christmas Spirit in your Tumblr blog with this awesome Fonts. If you wish to add more Christmas tools/animations in your blog, you can visit our following options:

 NOTE: This font belongs to, all the rights and credit stays with them. We only use this as a public link. Check the newest fonts! Remember the link post here will take you to the author's page - so you can directly download it. We do not take any credit for this fonts.

Best Christmas themes for Tumblr

Christmas is here! Put some holiday spirit in your Tumblr with this fantastic themes. Remember, his themes can be found at Tumblr/themes and they are free. Credit belong to their original author/creator. 

#1 Christmas theme
Description: A simple yet charming Christmas theme, made
by Work-it-out themes from

Egret is a free Tumblr theme specifically tailored for
group blogs, but it’s also a jack of all trades with big images
and thoughtful typography. It plays nice on all devices,
and its colors are fully customizable! Made by hugtherobots.

#3 Christmas 
Description: Simple yet another beautiful theme by Work-it-out Themes.
This one includes the falling snow effect, Infinite scrolling and captions. 

#4 Merry
Description: This theme is user friendly and includes: 2 columns, 
snow falling effect,hover over photo, infinite scrolling and Christmas decoration. Made by citylitspiri.

#5 X-mas
Description: This Christmas theme features: single column, decorative sidebar of 3 Christmas bobbles, and every colour is customizable. Made by themesbyeris.

#6 Christmas
Description: This theme is user friendly, very simple, fixed candy cane
sidebar, customizable circle sidebar, 4 customizable links, optional snow code and more. Made by jaselightwood.

#7 Christmas theme Two
Description: This lovely and free Christmas theme is made by hardziam.
Itfeatures: six custom links that move, customizable border, background,
description background and title.

#8 Wintry Theme
Description: This white snow theme, features:  Tiled or attached optional
background image, 400px or 500px posts, 2 font choices, up to 5
custom links, Optional scroll box for longer descriptions
and optional Christmas decorations.
Theme made by: purloinedinpetrograd on Tumblr. 

#9 Mistletoe Theme
Description: Theme made by Notte-themes. It one column only, option
hover posts to have permalink, notes, and reblog button appear. infinite scrolling is optional. Pagination provided if not chosen and much more!

Explore in Tumblr

Explore in Tumblr have never been easier with the new updates. Tumblr new icon for "explore or see what's trending" is

Once you click on the icon a window with different explore options will appear:

○  Recommended for you
○ Trending
○ Staff picks
○ Text
○ Photos
○ GIFs
○ Quotes
○ Links
○ Chats
○ Audio
○ Video
○ Asks

Tumblr allows the user to navigate or "explore" super-easy now. Go have fun and enjoy the world of Tumblr.

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Crisis Text Line is looking for volunteers to be a part of their 2015 Tumblr Corps, lending emotional support to texters who are dealing with a wide range of issues. If you’ve got a computer and a kind heart, apply here.  Deadline is Sept. 22! Don’t delay!