Tutorial: Share your Tumblr Posts with Twitter

Link Tumblr to Twitter
How can I automatically publish my Tumblr posts to Twitter?
You can connect your Twitter account to Tumblr from your blog's Settings area. Click a blog's title at the top of the Dashboard or under the list icon at the top right of the Dashboard. Then click Blog Settings on the right side of the screen.

• Log in to your Tumblr Account.
• On the top bar of the page find the Blog Settings. The Blog Settings Icon should look like a wheel. Like in this photo: (click on it)

• Click on Find the Name of the Blog you wish share your post in Twitter. Like in the photo:

• Now check mark the option where it says "Twitter" this will enable to share your posts on your Twitter. Click on the SAVE button on the top-right side. (scroll up you'll see the SAVE button)
• Click on the "Sign in with Twitter" write:
• Username or email
• Password
• Then Click on Authorize App, and your all set. Here's a quick photo of it: