How to Add Hypster Music Playerlist to your Tumblr

Hello Everyone! Adding music to your Blog is just "makes it better"! This is a new-update tutorial from the website, since they change their layout. Now they add an easier tutorial / photos for Tumblr bloggers.

So what's Hypster? is a free music community, it allows you to:
- Find and listen to any song you want.
- Build a playlists of your favorite music.
- Listen to your playlists on any computer. Anywhere.
- Share and build a playlists with friends.
- Browse our charts and find cool new music every day.
- Watch your friends' activity on, and keep up to date with what they're listening to.
- Add a playlists to your favorite Web site or blog using the widgets.

Let's start this easy tutorial:
1. First you must Log-in on If you don't have an account is really easy to make one. Simple register with them and you will get all the free tools.

2. Before adding Hypster to your blog, you must create an online Playlist. Simply search for your favourites artist and songs that you wish to have in the blog. Hypster offers a very simple tutorial if you don't know how to create a Playlist: HERE.

3. Hypster provides different types of players, tumblr music players, lot of skins which can be used for different purposes, choose between the players the website offers: Classic Player Compact, bar player, classic player, radio, dual player, etc. For this tutorial I will choose the BAR PLAYER, is one of the most popular player among Tumblr bloggers.

4. Once you have all the songs in the Playlist. Click on the button that says "Get the code".

5. Copy the Code the website provides you.
6. Log-in your Tumblr account and go to the Customization option.
→ Settings → Customize → Edit Html

7. Paste the code under the <body> tag and Save your theme. The bar sometimes won't appear using the "update preview", simply click save and then reload your theme. Or you can visit your blog in another new website page.