Tag Cloud for Tumblr

Always wanted to have a cool tag cloud like this one? Well  Heather Rivers made this Tag Cloud Generator for Tumblr that uses a Tumblr API to generate the cloud everytime your site is accessed.  Follow the instruccions below to insert your cloud tag.
UPDATE: In order to improve performance and compatibility, this version no longer uses jQuery. If you have an old version, you are highly encouraged to upgrade by replacing your old tag cloud script code with the new snippet below.

How to add the code to your blog:

• Copy / Paste the following Blog:

<!--Tumblr Tag Cloud [2012-04-28]-->
<script type="text/javascript" src="http://rive.rs/javascripts/tumblr.min.js?css=default&minsize=120&maxsize=280"></script>

• Once you COPY the code PASTE it on your site description:
> Customize
> Info
> Description
• If that doesn't work you might have to paste it on your Custom HTML
> Customize
> Theme
> Use Custom HTML
> Paste the code where you want the Tag Cloud to be.
Most people put it on the sidebar of their blog.

The code above can take these optional parameters:
css=default (or flickr, custom)
minsize=120 (or any integer)
maxsize=280 (or any integer)
limit=none (or any integer)
order=none (or frequency, alphabetical)
math=log (or linear)