Tutorial: Endless Scrolling for your Tumblr

Wonder how to get Endless Scrolling for your Tumblr? I found out there's 3- different methods to make your blog have an endless scrolling page. This methods covers most of Tumlbr layouts and themes, so it should work on any Tumblr blog. Let's start. Thanks to: Codysherman.com who share this tutorial.

NOTE: Remember always to SAVE your HTML code in Notepad or Wordpad, so you have a backup of your blog.

FIRST: The first method for adding Endless Scrolling for your Tumblr is the easiest one: Go to your Description box and add the following code:

• Customize
• Go to Description Box and PASTE

<script type="text/javascript" src="http://codysherman.com/tools/infinite-scrolling/code"></script>

• Now go ahead, "Update your preview" and see if it works. IF it works click on "SAVE" and you're done.

SECOND: If the first code didn't work. Let's try the second method: Take the same code from above and paste it on your </head> tag.

• COPY the code from above.
• Go to your Customize 
• Edit HTML

• PASTE the same code right above the </head> tag, if you have problems searching for it remember to use CONTROL + F for a quick search.

• Test it again to see if it works "Update View".

THIRD: For the third, if none of the above works try:

• Your have to make a new div around all the post types. Before each post type {block:Posts} tag within your theme html, paste the following code:

<div class = "autopagerize_page_element" >

After each closing post type tag {/block:Posts}, paste the following code:


• Test it again to see if it works, and you're done!

Note: Sometimes the Music Player doesn't let the code for Endless Scrolling to work, try to eliminate or fix that code to see if it works.