Get Grooveshark Music Player for your Tumblr: Easy!

What is Grooveshark? is a international online music search engine, it has music, videos, music streaming and more. It allows the user to search and upload music that can be play or added to a playlist. Better of all it let's import a playlist to your blog or website.

This is by far the best Music Widget for Tumblr, why? Easy! It has all the Artists you can imagine, and I'm talking international, you can upload you own music and add it to the playlist that YOU want for your blog, also! if you don't want any playlist just put the radio! and start listening to the stations. How? Let's start the tutorial.

• First step we do is go to the website HERE - we have to Register to save our playlist. The Registration is FREE and super easy! Go to the REGISTER button, fill everything they ask you for.

• Once you Registered, find the SEARCH on top of the Grooveshark bar. Start searching for the music you want in your Tumblr Blog. PLAY the song, verify that it's working then add the song to your Playlist.

• Once you have choose all your songs, follow this next steps to create the playlist for your Tumblr Blog. 

• We're almost done: Now to have the playlist in your Tumblr Blog, open your HTML settings and paste the code:
>> Customize
>> Edit HTML
>> Paste the Music Widget on your Tumblr blog! You can Add it to the side bar like most bloggers do. For example I add it to my side bar on my Tumblog Example Blog.
>> You're done!