Music Widgets for your Tumblr Blog: Best of the Best!

You want to put a Music Player on your Tumblr but you just don't know where to get it? or if they are free? Want to have different designs for the music widget? Take a look at the following List of Tumblr Music Widgets. 

I gather the most popular and used music widgets by Tumblr bloggers, why? Because this widgets are free and it works in almost all the Tumblr themes. Let's take a look...

• One of the popular and most used by Tumblr bloggers is the HYSPTER music player, is easy, free and you can add as many songs as you want. There's one important NOTE here, you  must Register to have the playlist. Getting Registered is completely free, just like the music player. If you haven't use Hypster before I suggest you visit: How to Add Hypster to your Tumblr: Easy! for our Hyspter tutorial on Tumblr.

• Another good music player is GROOVESHARK, is a music search engine with almost all the songs, artists and music from around the world. It has endless playlist and you can customize the colours and size of your widget. If you're interested in this Music player you can visit: Get Grooveshark Music Player for your Tumblr: Easy! for how to add this widget to your Tumblr Blog.

STEAMPAD doesn't host music, but it allow you to play audio files that you want to upload to Tumblr in a specific order. Is quick and super easy to add it to your Tumblr blog.

• Another super popular music gadget is FRIENDSBILLY, a small music player you can use to add music to your blog. Works on tumblr, LiveJournal, wordpress. User-friendly just copy-paste the code on your blog and ready to go. Here's a Tumblog-it! tutorial for this music player: HERE.

• There's also a widget called: SCM Music Player. This widget is extremely easy to use and quick. It allows you to choose a skin in different colours, the song of your favourite artist using a specific URL and it let's you configure your widget settings: auto-playvolume  bar placement, etc. For any Tumblr starters this is a great widget to get.