Pastel Themes for your Tumblr

Do you like pastel colours? Take a look at this new pastel-colour themes for your Tumblr blog thanks to popsources

Theme 1 by iheartniam :
Do not remove credit.
- One sidebar image (please 250px width
- One image in the pagination bar , must be 100x100 px ( it’s not your own icon you have to upload it into your theme) 
- Reset the defaults settings  ( use the old customize page here )
= If you wanna add links to your description use this code :

Theme 014
- Up to ten custom links
- Quick reblog
- Post width: 400px or 500px
- Background image
- Hover over posts for date/source
- Webkit scrollbar

Everything can be customized in Appearance. Use classic customize for easier editing. Don’t steal, redistribute, remove/move credit, use/redistribute as base codes. Reset defaults in Appearance for the color scheme in the live preview.

Here is my tenth theme. If you need any help with the theme, please ask me here. Install this theme using the old customize page.

There’s an option to customize the colours. There’s an option to add a sidebar image with the width of 140px. You can add a background image and there’s an option to add 9 links.

Please don’t remove the credit link and please don’t redistribute this theme as your own theme. I spend hours coding and it’s not nice seeing your theme redistributed. Also, please don’t steal the live preview sidebar image. Enjoy the theme.

Preview / Code