Share This: A social widget for your Tumblr Blog!

Social Widgets is a very popular thing to have in websites, blogs or profiles pages. Everyone wants to share what there doing on Facebook, Twitter, by Email, etc. And this tutorial will show you how to have the social widgets for your Tumblr blog. Want to have that? Easy thanks to Share this website. Let's start the socializing:

• First we need to go to Share This website to start our customization.
• Choose the TUMBLR button from the STEP 1.

Note: You can also try the "Website" Codes they work on Tumblr Themes.

STEP 2: Let's choose the style for your Tumblr Blog: Choose how you want to have your social widgets with text or just icons.

STEP 3: Customize your social widget, you choose the size: big or small.

• Once you finish all the Customization a window box will appear, and if you want the FREE and NO-REGISTRATION code click on the Upper corner when it says "No thank, just give me the code"

• Now depending on the Style you choose they will tell you what to do. Follow the instructions from their website on How to Add the code to your Tumblr Blog. For My Example Blog I Choose small icons:

If your using the WEBSITE buttons or BARS:

Note for Website Codes: NOT all codes work for Tumblr, but I suggest you try the CODE 1 and CODE 2 they give you. If not  try new styles: BARS or BUTTONS. I try all their codes and CODE 1 was having problems with my HTML theme. But the CODE 2, work perfectly. 

NOTE: You can visit my Example Blog to see how the bar looks like.