Add a Tumblr Widget to your website

Hello Everyone! is a free-widget that allows you to install a "photo-bar" of your latest photos from Tumblr. Follow this quick and super easy steps to see it in action.

IMPORTANTThe widget will not work if you're Tumblr name have a punctuation mark  for example: 

• Example-One 
• Example.Two?
• ExampleThree!

If your Tumblr name doesn't have any punctuation let's continue the tutorial:
1. First enter HERE, to see the website for the widget.
2. Once your in the website fill the Tumblr name, widget tittle, size, number of photos, etc. 
3. Click on update and you will see the photo-bar.
4. Copy and paste this code in your theme - put it where you want the photos to appear.