Tutorial #1: How to Change the Font on your Posts

This is a fun tutorial to change a bit our daily posts on Tumblr. If you want to try a new font on your posts like the  picture below, is easy, quick and different! Change the old font routine and try something different.

• First let's find something to talk about on your Tumblr Blog
• Choose the [Aa Text] To start posting:

• Find the HTML Button and click on it:

• Now a new window will open, write your post, anything you want and you'll add <p><pre> tags in BEFORE the sentence and </p></pre> AFTER the sentence. Like in this example:

• Click on the UPDATE button
• Click on the Preview Button - If you like it click on the CREATE POST, and you're finish!

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you write a paragraph or your sentences are "too long" just divide each one with the ENTER key. Or add the <br> tag when you want to start a new division on your post. Don't forget to add <p></pre> at the beginning and </p></pre> in the end.