Tutorial: Add a Welcome Message Title Bar for your Tumblr or Website

Hello Everyone! First, let's start with: What's a Title Bar? Is the Bar located along the top of a window or a dialog box that displays the name of the window. And what we want to have is a welcome message just like the picture below. Let's start the tutorial so you can see how easy and fun it is. 

• First we'll enter on this site HERE, and start doing our Title Bar.

• A blue table (like the picture below) will appear. First thing we need to do is Add the title bar Message, for example I put on my Tumblr website: Welcome to Tumblog! Like us on Facebook :), you can add any message that you want.

• Choose the Effect that you want on your Title Bar.

• Choose the repeats, and speed.

• If you want to see how the effect will appear click on the preview button.

• A new window will pop, pay attention to the Title bar of the window. That's the effect you apply to your message. Like for example in the window below I choose the effect: Scroll Right. Choose the effect that you like the most.

•  If you like the Text Effect click on the "OK, Generate Code!" button.

• Go to your Tumblr Blog >> Customize Theme >> Edit HTML and PASTE the code into the <head> tag. Remember if you can't find it use CONTROL + F to search the tag. 

• Now SAVE your work, then click on CLOSE. And visit your Tumblr blog normally. (Do not enter as Customize theme) Look at the top of the bar and read your welcome message. And now you have a Welcome Title Bar! Happy Blogging! :)