Tutorial: Change your Follow and Share buttons from Tumblr

Did you know that Tumblr gives you different styles for the buttons available in your Blog? Make it easy for new and existing Tumblr users to follow your blog and users to promote your content on their blogs. Want to know how? Here's a quick & easy tutorial to change your buttons design.

• First Log into your Tumblr Account.
• Go to this page: HERE
• Choose your favourite button

• Copy the code they give you and add it to your Tumblr blog.
(Blog Settings  Customize theme  Edit Html  Add the new button design)

If you want to use the Share Buttons:
• Add this code to your page right before the </body> tag:
<script src="http://platform.tumblr.com/v1/share.js"></script>

• Build a custom share button for your page.
NOTE: The Advance Options let you choose as you want to share the button: Link, quote, photo or video. If you don't which to Share it as any of those. Just ignore the "Advance" option. And continue to the Programming Language and choose JavaScript.

Why JavaScript?: If you want to use the standard buttons that Tumblr gives you (simple way) I recommend you choose JavaScript.

• Copy the code they give you and Paste it on your Tumblr Blog.
(Blog Settings   Customize theme   Edit Html   Paste the code) 
This button gives you the option of adding it on: a link, quote, photo or video post. Here's a few examples from Tumblr how it will look like:

Example Share Buttons
- Basic share button
- Sharing links to articles
- Sharing pull quotes
- Quoting article paragraphs
- Sharing images from articles
- Sharing video embeds