Add a Clock to your Tumblr Blog

Here's a list of tumblr widgets that you can add to your blog. Choose your favourite one and add it to your blog! They are easy to add and the clocks can be animated, static, re-size, with glowing lights and much more.

1. Free Blog Hit Counter: Easy, good customization. This is the top rated Clock Widgets website for Tumblr. You can customize your clock however you want: size, background, colours, etc. You can only choose analog clocks.

2. Free Code Source: Like the title says, this is a ONE clock code. It only gives you the time without any customization just "plain time".

3. Local Times: Digital clock plugin. The clock offers no customization and you can choose different time zones. Choose from their different standard pre-design clocks. 

4. Kao-Ani: Cute, cute and more cuteness! If you want a cute-clock design for you blog this is the perfect website for you! You cannot customize any of their designs, they are animated: hello kitty clock, tea cup clock, cupcake clock, etc.

5. World Time Server: Easy customization analog clock widget. You can choose the color, city location, name and size. Available for Blogger, Wordpress, and more, in case you want to use it on other websites.

For the tutorial on how to add the clock widget to your Tumblr blog is super-easy!

→ Choose your clock from the above websites, customize your favourite one. If it is a pre-design you can't customize.
→ Find the HTML code and COPY it.
→ Go to your Tumblr Blog →  Customize Theme → Edit HTML
→ PASTE the code where you want to have the clock.
→ Click on the "Update Preview" button,  If you like it click on Save, then Close.