Tutorial: How to Add the Follow Button

Where's is your Follow Button? Suddenly disappeared from your Tumblr blog and you have no idea how to get it back? Here's a quick tutorial with a HTML code that will help you get it back. 
• Choose the Tumblr blog that have the Follow button missing.
• Customize Theme
• Edit HTML
• Copy the following code:
COPY this code below: 
Code thanks to: Tumblring.net

PASTE the code after the <body> tag.

• Update Preview > Save > Close
• In order to see that your "Follow" Button is back you can:
>> Log Out of Tumblr and visit your blog.
>> Create a new Account and visit your blog verify the "follow" button is on the left top corner.
If this HTML code doesn't work there's another option you can do: 
• You can Install another theme from Tumblr.
• Re-Install your Theme.
• Read the Notes of your HTML author, sometimes they add new codes to their theme.