Tutorial: How to add a video to your Tumblr blog

Did you know you can add Youtube Videos to your Tumblr blog? Not only that but you can also upload your own video and with a 5.00 minutes max per day. Here's a quick and easy tutorial of how you can add videos to your Tumblr! Fun, isn't? 

• Once you have Log In on your Tumblr account. On the Dashboard find the VIDEO option to start uploading the video, just like the picture below:

To upload the video there's 2 different options:

Option #1

Embed Code or Video URL: It means you can use a video from Youtube, Vimeo or a raw-Embed-tag. In simple words you need the "address" of the video. COPY the URL of the video you want and just PASTE it on the to bar. 

Option 2#

Upload a Video: You can upload a video from your computer. To upload a video is simple:
•  Click on the Choose File option. 
• Find where you have the video. Example: My Pictures, My Documents
• Add the video.

• After you have the video Tumblr gives you the CAPTION option, which allows you to add any comment. Like in my example below. 

• You can also change the video settings. Find the small wheel on top of your video post and you can customize: the URL of the video, the content source, date and it gives you the option of letting people reply.