Tutorial: How to Change your Dashboard Background (for Mozilla FireFox)

Last week I made the tutorial for How to Change your Dashboard Background for Google Chrome users, this one is for FireFox. If you want to make your Tumblr blog Background more colourful and spicy here's a quick and easy tutorial how to.  If your interested in Google Chrome version you can go: HERE.

• To install backgrounds on your Tumblr Dashboard here's what you have to do. 
• First we must add to our Firefox browser the Extension called GreaseMonkey click HERE to install it.

And what is GreaseMonkey? It a Firefox extension (or script) that will allow us to customize the way a web page displays or behaves, by using small bits of JavaScript.

• Once you have GreaseMonkey Install, restart your browser and go HERE to get the background you want. Once you have chosen the background a "blue box" will appear. Click on the option that allows you to  install the background with Stylish, like in my photo:

• A small window will appear in your FireFox click Allow and Install Now

• Then, Restart your FireFox. 
(FireFox should auto-restart if it doesn't close the browser and open it again)

• Now that you're Firefox Restart - visit the page with the background you chosen. If the page doesn't appear click HERE again to chose the background.  A green button will appear with the STYLISH word on it this time. Click on the green button and then INSTALL.

• Visit your Tumblr Dashboard. (www.tumblr.com) and you should have your new background!