Tutorial: How to Change your Portrait Photo or Add a new One

You just open your Tumblr Account but you notice every post have an portrait photo right next to their posting. A tiny picture that identify your blog when you re-blog or post something. 

If you're a starter in Tumblr and want to have a Portrait Photo follow this easy tutorial and in no time you have your own mini photo. Let's start! This tutorial is also for those you want to change their Avatar photo! 
• Log into your Tumblr Account.
• Find your Blog Settings Account. On the Top of your Tumblr page (dashboard) find a wheel-shape option and click on it.

• Find your blog -- on the left side bar. Right below Apps. Choose the blog you want to change the portrait photo. Click on it. 

• Click on Choose File or Change Avatar to add a photo. The size for this is 64x64, if you do not have a photo of that size Tumblr will automatically resize your picture.

• Once you choose the photo you want, on the right side where it says SAVE. Click on it. And you'll have a portrait photo or you change the old one you had.