Tutorial: How to Re-direct a Page from Tumblr

One of the most common things that most Tumblr bloggers do is to"Re-direct" a page from the blog to their website, Facebook page or my twitter account. Awesome! But How can I do that? Easy!

• Choose the Blog you want to have the
Re-direct page, and click on Customize Theme. If you don't know how to find the Customize Theme click HERE.

• After opening the Customize theme, search for the PAGES option on your sidebar. Choose the option +Add A PAGE.
NOTE: If you already have a page and just want to Re-direct follow the next step.

• A new window will open. In the Top Bar there's 3 options to choose: click on REDIRECT, like in the following example:

• Once you choose the Redirect option a page like this will come:

#1. Choose the name of your page.
#2. Add the URL that person will be re-direct to
# 3. If you check Mark the box a Link on your Tumblr Blog will appear on your Index Bar, if you have it available on your theme.

Look at my Facebook Example:

• Click on the "Create Page" for adding the new page. 
• Click on the SAVE button, on the upper right-side of your Tumblr blog. Then click on CLOSE.
• Now Open your Blog (normally, no customize theme) and look in your Side Bar to see the Link. Like I did with my Tumblog-Example-Blog
• You're Done! Happy Blogging!