How to share your Tumblr Posts on Facebook

Tumblr interface now let's you interact and update your Facebook Page with your Tumblr account
What is this? Now every time you post a text, photo, video, quote, link or audio on your Tumblr, it will automatic  send a "copy" of your work to FB (facebook). This will keep your FB-page update of everything you do on Tumblr. Here's an easy and quick tutorial of how to do it, try it you will like it!

1. To active this option you must first Log in your Facebook Account.
2. In Tumblr look for the customization option. 
(The wheel shape icon on top of the website)

3. Your editing options will appear, scroll down till you see the "Facebook" tab, click on "Share on Facebook". It is very important that you change the Facebook Account in Tumblr. Click on the arrow icon  and choose your blog name. Tumblr will automatically save your changes.