Tutorial: How to Tag your Tumblr Posts (update!)

latest update: 3/21/2013

Hello Everyone! People from all around the world joins Tumblr every day and for that the staff have been currently changing and upgrading their website. For this tutorial I will show you step-by-step How to Tag your Tumblr Posts. Easy and fast!

Tip: Don't know what TAG means? Search in Tumblog-it! Dictionary.

1. First Log in your Tumblr Account and make a new post: text, photo, quote, link, chat, audio or video. Tumblr have simplify the Tag option on their latest update, thanks to that, Tagging is very easy!

2. On the bottom of the post, find the small box with  (the tag symbol). It should look like the following picture:

3. To start Tagging, just type a word and click the ENTER key to finish. Add all the words you wish to tag.
4. Once finish, simply click on the re-blog button   to end the post. You can add tags to any post you make (text, photo, chat, link, etc) and it will also stay in any Queue, publish later, draft and private post.

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