Tutorial: Making a Page for your Tumblr

Making a page for your Tumblr blog is super easy! You want to add a page for: Contacts, My Tumblr Family List or just anything you want! but you need a new page and don't know how? here's an easy tutorial that will help you solve this problem. 

• Find your Customize Theme. (How to find Customize Theme?)
• On the left-side bar of your screen, scroll down and find the PAGE settings

• Click on the +ADD A PAGE 
• A new window will come for the settings of the new page, the first settings you'll see is the 
Standard Layout (choose the same layout you currently have)
> Custom Layout (it let's you customize the layout for the new page)
> Redirect (it will direct the user to another website,blog, or any URL you want to redirect the person)

• Choose your Page URL, Page Title and if you want a link to the page. Create your "body" (what you want to have in the new page example: Contact List, your favourite blogs, etc.)

• Click on the CREATE PAGE.

• You have create a new page for the blog! If you want to edit your body, simply go to your page settings and click EDIT. Like this example:

• You be able to see the new page in your Menu or Sidebar, like in my Tumblr Example blog. My Menu is on the Sidebar of the blog. Good Luck!