Tutorial: Putting a Background on a HTML theme

Let's say you found a new pattern or background that you want for your Tumblr blog. Your using a HTML theme but don't like the background and want to change it. First you can find great backgrounds HERE: from our website.

Let's start the tutorial on How to put a new background with a HTML theme.

First you must choose if you want a colour background or if it is a picture, pattern or an image that you want. 

Let's start first with the colour background on HTML theme. If your have a pattern or image that you want for background go ahead and skip this step.

• To change the color of you HTML theme you must find:

To change the COLOR of your background you just need to change FFFFFF only. You can find the Table color HERE, and it always start with # and finish with ;

Since you're only changing the color you can delete the next code:

• Click on the Update Preview to see how the background will look, if you like it click on the SAVE button and then CLOSE. And you're finish!

• To change the background of your HTML theme for a pattern or a picture, you must find the code

This is where you can change/add an image as your background. to do this replace IMAGEURL with the URL of your chosen background image.

For example: 

• Click on the UPDATE VIEW to see how the background looks, if you like it click SAVE then CLOSE.

• Here are the some important codes that will help you adjusting the image or pattern that you choose:


This Code depends on the size of your background if it is to small and you want a repeatable background use this code, and if you don't want a repeatable background just change the code to this: 


• Another important note is the moving background. If you have an endless bar, this will be useful. Just use the following code to move the background when you scroll.


Hope this tutorials have help you adding a new background to your Tumblr Blog, Happy Blogging! Special thanks to: TheAmazingTutorials.Tumblr.com