Information about Banned or Suspended Accounts

Tumblr suspend accounts based on some algorithm that only they know. Of course, having millions of tumblr blogs created every month, they don’t often review accounts manually to get them suspended, but if you are spamming, tag abusing, harassing other people through anon messages, posting illegal/copyrighted content, promoting activities that are not allowed like self-harm, racism, crime, etc. If you have indeed incurred in any of the aforementioned stuff, your suspended Tumblr account will never be retrieved.

One of the main problems for account suspended is hacking and once they take over their account, they start spamming until they get the account shut down.

How To Get Your Suspended Tumblr Account is You Believe It’s a Mistake.
- You can write a post in your Tumblr using MAIL  on the Tumblr Staff blog explaining with as much detail as you can, why you think your blog should be reinstated.

- Bear in mind that this is different than reactivating a deleted tumblr account, chances are zero to none that they will get your suspended tumblr account back since they have a pretty good formula that triggers the alarm that leads to an account suspension.

- The Terms of Service website offers an email that you can write personally to Tumblr support. Here's the:

Designated Agent
Tumblr, Inc.
35 East 21st St, 10th Floor
New York, NY 10010
Attn: Copyright Agent
Fax: +1 (646) 513-4321
Copyright notice form:

- Tumblr support staff