How to: Add a Ask Box on your Side bar

If you visit my Tumblr blog for Tumblog-it!- you'll notice that I add the "Ask Box" on the side bar. 

In this post, I will explain
How to: Add a Ask Box on your Side bar. It's super fast and easy to learn. This trick will let your visitors contact you more quickly and easier.

I wish to add a note for this tutorial
: I try the code on my other blogs, but it didn't work. So I note this code doesn't work in every theme.
REMEMBER: You must first enable the ask box for any ask options to work. How you do that? Click HERE for the tutorial.

• Let's start with - Find your Tumblr blog let's begging with the customization:

1.First we need to Log in to your Tumblr Account, find the customize theme option on Blog Settings. If you don't know how to find the Customize theme you can click HERE for the tutorial.

2. On the left side of your screen find the white box that says Description.
3. Now COPY following code:

4. PASTE the code on the description box. If you have something write already there, you can put the code below or up. The best looking-way for the sidebar.

5. In the Code where you see that says YOURBLOGNAME - change that with your blog's name. Like I did for my Tumblog-it!, you can also play with the width and height to make it fit on your side bar. 

6. Once everything is done the way you like it, click on the SAVE button, then CLOSE. Visit your Tumblr blog to see how it looks and you're finish! If you don't like how it looks you can always re-size the box or delete the code from the description. Happy Blogging!