Missing-E! The new Tumblr Experience!

Hello Everyone! I just discover a new extension to make your Tumblr experience even better and easier! It's call the Missing-E extension. What exactly is Missing-E? If you haven't heard  of it here's what it does:

○ Ask Tweaks: Make it easier to send asks and manage messages in your inbox.
○ Bookmarker: Mark your place in the dashboard to go back to later.
○ Dash Links to Tabs: Open links in your dashboard in new tabs. Never lose your place in the dashboard!
○ Magnifier: Enlarge photos without leaving the dashboard.

○ Post Crushes: Automatically create posts of your Tumblr crushes.
○ Reblog Yourself: Improve reblogging functionality to your own Tumblr posts.
○ Safe Dash: In public? Hide images in Tumblr posts until you hover your mouse over them (in case they're unsafe).
○ Timestamps: Add the date and time to a post, message or submission.
○ Better Reblogs: Reblog faster and more productively.
○ Dashboard Tweaks: Customize your dashboard interface for easier reading and blogging.
○ Goto Dash Post: Jump directly from a post permalink page to its position on the dashboard.
○ Mass Editor Tweaks: Select multiple posts (by type, number) in the Tumblr Mass Editor.
○ Posting Tweaks: More functions and automatic actions for creating or editing posts.
○ Reply Replies: Automatically create reply posts for responding to post comments and other notes.
○ Sidebar Tweaks: Tweak your Tumblr sidebar and add useful stuff to it.

What more can we ask for? Missing-E is specially made for Tumblr. Give it a try, is FREE and it will make your Tumblr faster and easier! Click HERE to visit and download the extension. Available for Firefox, Goggle Chrome and Safari.