Add a Like Button from Facebook

Add a LIKE BUTTON to your Tumblr!  What's  Like Button? Let people share pages and content from your site back to their Facebook profile with one click, so all their friends can read them.

1. For this tutorial you gotta have already a Facebook Page, if you do let's start. → If you dont you can visit our Tutorial

2. Visit the Facebook Gadgets website → HERE
→ Copy-Paste your Facebook URL
→ You don't need to type the height or width, Facebook gives you the standard size.
→ Color Scheme: dark or light (light is the most used one)

3. Facebook have a small "preview" you be able to see all the changes you make. Once you have choose the right settings, simply copy the code below.

4. Once Facebook gives you the code it choose the one that says <IFRAME> and copy the code.

5. Log-in on Tumblr and go to your Customize options.
→ Tumblr Dash → Settings → Customize → Edit HTML

6. Now choose where you wish to have the Facebook LIKE button. I would recommend on the side bars, is usually where blogs added it, and people are used to see it there. PASTE the code.

7. Click on "Update preview" and the LIKE box should appear. Save then Close.