Tutorial: Add a Friendsbilly FREE Music Player

If you haven't heard from friendsbilly you are missing a lot. Friendsbilly is a FREE music player . Works on tumblr, livejournal, wordpress, etc. This music player is user friendly - and it let's you have till 5-different songs which can be auto play. Here's an example of how the music player looks like:

1 Like I mention before friends-billy is very easy to use, go to THIS website and choose 5 or less URL that you wish to have in your music player.

2 Follow the Instructions from the website:

3 After you finish adding the songs you want - click on Generate Code. 

4 COPY the code provide by the website. Now log in to your Tumblr account. 

5 Find the Blog you want to add the music player.

6  Go to Customize Theme → Edit HTML

7 PASTE the code where you want to have the music player. 

8 Click on Update Preview, if you like how it looks click on SAVE then CLOSE.

Note: If you're music player stays on buffering - try THISt's also possible to let Billy search in a directory for MP3 files. That way you can update music just by uploading songs, without modifying the HTML code each time. A PHP-capable server is required. Click HERE for advance options.