Tutorial: Add a Reblog Button on your posts

We know that there's a standard Re-blog button on Tumblr for any theme. But what if I want to add the Reblog button on each post? Is that possible?

Yes! You can add a Re-blog button below your post. Wanna know how? Let's start the tutorial!

○ This tutorial is courtesy from: http://tumblring.net but I will explain it the easiest way possible.

○ For this tutorial there's 7-types of post on your HTML theme:
• Text Post: {block:Text}{/block:Text}
• Video Post:{block:Video}{/block:Video}
• Photo Post: {block:Photo}{/block:Photo}
• Photoset Post: {block:Photoset}{/block:Photoset}
• Audio Post: {block:Audio}{/block:Audio}
• Link Post: {block:Link}{/block:Link}
• QuotePost: {block:Quote}{/block:Quote}

IMPORTANT: Remember this:
            Start Tag          End Tag
Text Post: {block:Text}     {/block:Text}
○ This is an example from my Tumblr Example blog how the button looks like.

COPY the following code, and PASTE  always before the ending tag

Here's an example:

○ You can use Control + F to find quickly the END TAGS, after you put the code before each of the ending tags, click on Update Preview.
If you like how it looks click on
SAVE then CLOSE. Now you have Re-blog button below each post. Happy Blogging!