Tutorial: Learn to block a Tumblr user or blog.

There's many reasons why we ignore someone, for example spammers or inappropriate people, for whatever reason you have there's is a way to ignore Tumblr users and blogs. Here's a quick and easy way to do it.

To block a Tumblr user or a Tumblr blog first you need to find one of these:
• the URL (address) of the blog you want to block 
• or you need the username of the person you which to block

1. Visit tumblr.com/ignore and add the blog or person you which to ignore. 
2. Click on ignore and you won't receive or see any post from the person/blog.

Privacy and Ignoring Users 
Frequently Questions Asked from Tumblr Users

- What happens when I ignore someone?
They will not be able to see your posts on their Dashboard.
You won’t see them listed in post notes or Dashboard notifications.
You will also not receive any messages from them.

- Will someone know if I’ve ignored them?
We don’t tell users that you’ve ignored them, but they may figure it out themselves.

- How else can I protect my privacy?
Even though you can’t password-protect your primary blog, you can make specific posts private by selecting “private” in the “publish now” menu when you create or edit a post. If you’re using the Bookmarklet, you’ll find this option in the Advanced area.