Tutorial: Click on a photo to reblog

In this post I will explain how to click on a photo that will take you to the re-blog page.
With just one click your visitor is able to re-blog the picture without looking at the notes of the post. Is easy and faster for you and your visitors.  Let's start the tutorial!

○ First let's Log in your Tumblr Blog. 
1. On your blog dashboard to the right side find the Customize Theme, and click on it.
2. Go to Edit HTML.
3. Find the following code:
If you cannot find this exactly code find a similar one, remember to use CONTROL + F for a quick search.

○ Now
add the following code 

in front of <img src="{PhotoURL-500}" alt="{PhotoAlt}" />

○ And at the end  add the </a> tag.
It will look like this:
○ Click on Update Preview and if everything's ok with your theme, click SAVE the CLOSE.
IMPORTANT: This code might not work in all the HTML themes. I test it on 5-different blogs and it work on 2/5. You can also add a Re-blog button below the photo if this tutorial doesn't work.