Tutorial: Get a Pop-Up Ask Box for your Tumblr Blog

Hello Everyone! It seems the popular thing to do on Tumblr is the new Pop-Up Ask Box. Everyone is talking about it! and want to have it on their blogs. 

I'm gonna try to explain everything the simplest way possible so everyone can have a pop-up ask box. Let's start!

REMEMBER: You must first enable the ask box for any ask options to work. How you do that? Click HERE for the tutorial.

Note: First the tutorial itself is very long, so I divide it in 4-parts. I recommend you SAVE your HTML theme.

○ First Part of the Tutorial ○
1. Log in on your Tumblr and search the blog that we want to add the ask box.
2. Open the Customize Theme on the right side of your screen.
3. Click on the EDIT HTML button.
4. Copy the following code and paste it right below the <head> tag.

○ Second Part of the Tutorial ○
1. Copy the code below, and paste it under the <style type=”text/css”> tag.
Note: Remember if you cannot find the code use control + F for a faster search.

○ Third Part of the Tutorial ○
1. Copy the next code and Paste it after </body> tag.
2. For the second step, you need to change where it says YOURBLOG to your URL / blog name. I already add the .tumblr.com.

3. After you add your blog name you can change the ASK ME ANYTHING if you like, this is what is gonna appear in your Ask Pop-Up box.

○ Fourth Part of the Tutorial ○ 

1. Find your Ask tag. It look like this: <a href="/ask"> (or alike it depends on your theme)
2. Replace your Ask tag with the following code:

3. Replace the TITLE word with what your visitors will see. For example I replace mine with "Do you have a Question?"

4. Click on SAVE then CLOSE. Visit your blog and click on your ASK BOX. It will pop up! You're finish, happy blogging!