How to Make a Facebook Page for your Tumblr Blog

Create a Facebook Page to build a closer relationship with your audience and customers. People who like your Page will get updates from your blog (if you post any photos, news, comments, quotes, etc)  on their Facebook news feeds.

1. To start creating your Facebook page, first go to the creation website: HERE
2. Most of the Tumblr blogs are personal, which means is a "Cause or Community". If your blog is selling a product, or a label you must choose the one of the other options. But for personal blogs, click on the Community option. 

3. Once you have choose the settings for your Facebook Page, click on the "Get Started" button. A small tutorial will appear, follow the instructions and in no time you'll have a Facebook Page for your blog!

Looking for more Facebook Options? Facebook offers Social Plugins (such as Like Button, Share Button, Comments, Follow Button and much more) and Facebook Badges, another easy way to connect people to your blog.