Make your visitors believe you closed you Tumblr Blog

For some reason you want to shut down your blog, but you don't want to delete, because once you delete your Tumblr Blog there's no turning back, it can't be restore. But instead of deleting the blog, you can trick your visitors to believe you close or is temporarily out-of-service. How to do this?  Easy!

Tricks and Tips to Make your Tumblr blog look Deactivate:
• Make your visitors believe your blog is temporarily deactivate by using Tumblr-redirects. This is the easiest way to trick your visitors. 

• You can also try deleting all your theme / html codes. Delete everything, if someone visits your blog would appear just as a blank page.

• Use a password protect blog, only those who know the password are able to enter. Password protect is only available to secondary blogs.

• You can also use a customize theme telling your visitors that you moved or if the account is temporary deactivate, for example: