Tutorial: Password Protect your Tumblr Blog!

How to add a password to your Tumblr blog? First we must know that password protect is only available to secondary blogs. If you have a primary blog this option is not available.

Why password protect? If you want to make your tumblr private and only let access to people you know, this is the best option. (For example a blog for: only-friends or family). Password protect not only keeps your blog secret it also helps avoiding those annoying spams and anonymous messages.

1. Log in your Tumblr Account.
2. On your Dashboard, find the list on the right-side top corner. Choose the last icon and find the Edit appearance option.

5. A new table will appear, scroll all the way to the end of the page and find where is says "password". 
6. Click on the activate button to add your new password.
7. Type your new passwords and that's it! Tumblr will automatic save the password.