Tutorial: Redirect on a HTML Theme (When re-directing a page doesn't work)

If you don't know how to redirect pages you can visit the Tutorial: How to Re-direct a Page from Tumblr, but sometimes that doesn't work, why? well that depends on your HTML theme. The page won't appear or it just doesn't show on your theme. 

If that's the problem here's an easy solution that will help you re-direct your pages. Just have to use a little bit of HTML coding, let's start!

• For this tutorial we're going to do the re-direct manually or Link-text. Since we cannot re-direct our page, we are gonna add a new Link to our blog that it will re-direct the visitors.
COPY the code below:

• Now where it says "url" you're going to add the URL address of the page you want to be re-directed. In other words the page that you want your visitors to see. 

• Change the LINK TEXT with your Menu Title for example you can use: My Facebook, My Twitter, any title that you want. Remember your visitors are going to click on that title to be re-direct. Example blog tutorial:

• Now you just have manually re-direct a page! This process is called creating a Link text on your Tumblr blog. 

>> Log into your Tumblr Account
>> Customize HTML
>> PASTE the code you just create.

Note: Remember! The colours and size of the Font will depend on your customize theme. In this example mines are Red and Arial = a very common font. But your Links will depend on the HTML theme.

• And to finally finish, you can add the Title anywhere you want, top bar, side bar, etc. If you like how it looks just click SAVE then CLOSE.

• Go back to your Tumblr blog and see how it looks. Happy blogging!