Tutorial: Affiliate Section - Easy!

Hello Everyone! I recently got a question on how to make an affiliate section, and to be honest is pretty much "making a new page" on your blog. Here's a quick explanation on how to make it.

Do you know what affiliate means? it means you're o
fficially attach or connect to a group, blog or organization. Like being partners.

○ First thing we do is create a new Page on our Tumblr Blog. Click HERE to follow the tutorial on how to create a new Tumblr-Page.

Note: You will use the Standard Layout to create the Page. It should look like the picture below.

○ Choose the Standard Layout for your Blog.
○ Choose your Page URL, Title and Make your Affiliate List.
○ Check-mark Show a Link to this Page

○ click on CREATE PAGE, then click again on SAVE PAGE. 

○ Go to the top where it says SAVE then CLOSE. Go to your Tumblr Blog and find your Menu - If you check-mark where it says "Show a link to this page" on the previous step your Link should appear on your blog menu.

○ If it doesn't appear you can added on your Menu bar by creating a link. Here's a helpful tutorial for that: Tutorial: How to add a HTML Links to your Tumblr Blog

Here's how the link should look: this is an example from my ExampleBlog.