Tutorial: Change the cursor of your blog! It's easy!

 For this tutorial we're gonna change the cursor on your Tumblr blog, if you don't know what a cursor is here's a quick definition:
○ Cursor: A movable indicator on a computer screen identifying the point that will be affected by input from the user, for example showing where typed text will be inserted. In simple words, is that small arrow that you move with the mouse.

Now that you know what a cursor is, let's change it! Want something more creative that just a plain-boring arrow? You can visit my Tumblog-it! Example Blog to see how the cursor will look like. Let's begin.

○ First let's start with the cursor, choose your favourite cursor from these 3- below. Cursors courtesy of: 



After choosing your favourite cursor, let's added to your Tumblr blog:
COPY the code from the cursor that you want.
• Go to your blog Dashboard and on the right sidebar of your screen, click on Customize theme.
• Click on Edit HTML (on the left sidebar)
• Now PASTE the code right after the tag <head>. It should look like this:

○ Now click on Update Preview - and look at your cursor. 

NOTE: Important, if you update preview but it doesn't show that your cursor change, click on SAVE - then open a new window go to your Tumblr blog and the cursor should be different. Sometimes Tumblr doesn't show the changes on Update Preview. Remember you can always change the cursor or delete the code if you don't like it.

○ If you like how the cursor looks, click on SAVE then CLOSE.
○ Go visit your Tumblr blog and now you have a new cursor! Happy Blogging!