Tutorial: How to do a Blogroll

Hello everyone! So I've read a lot of Tumblr blogs talking about Blogroll, but do you know what exactly is a blogroll? For this tutorial I will show you how to get a Blogroll the Easiest Way! First let's start with the definition: 

○  Blogroll: Is a  list of hyperlinks to other blogs or websites.
[1] ○ A blogroll is a page that you create and shows everyone who your following. Click HERE for an example of what a blogroll is. [credit photo]

1. Now that we know what a Blogroll is, we need a specific Blogroll-theme. You cannot use any theme to make a Blogroll. Here's some Blogroll themes you can use with their authors. Choose your favourite one.
Note: If you don't like any of the following Blogroll themes. You can find more HERE.
My second blogroll theme!
If you don’t know how to add one, I made THIS tutorial.And if you don’t know what a blogroll is, it’s a page on your blog showing all the blogs you follow. They do not work for secondary blogs..
Please like or let me know if you use it!- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Preview | Code 

2. COPY the code from the Blogroll theme.
3. Now that you choose your Blogroll theme. Let's start the tutorial. 
• Find the Customize Theme option. (How to find Customize theme?)
• Choose Edit HTML
• On the left-side bar find the PAGES option, and +Add a new Page

• A new window will open. 
• Choose Custom Layout, name your Page URL, Link to the page and 
PASTE the code from the Blogroll theme you choose before. Here's an example photo for each step:

• Click on Create Page, then click again on Save Page.
3. Now go to click on SAVE then CLOSE.
4. Go to your Tumblr Blog and visit the new link you'll have. It will show your new Blogroll link. Like I did on my Example Blog.

5. And now you're finish! Happy Blogging!

Note: Depending on your theme, the page link may not show. If it doesn't you can create a new link and add it to your side bar. Here's a related tutorial how to create a new link:

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