Tutorial: How to download music from Tumblr (using Tum-Taster for FireFox)

"Like that song you just heard on a tumblelog? I bet you want to save a copy of it so you can listen to it later. Tumtaster creates handy links so you can do just that." - tumtaster

Do you know what's Tumtaster? Tum-taster is a new extension that allows you to download music from Tumblr. So now that song that you heard on someone's post you can  have it! How? Here's a quick and easy tutorial how to get Tum-taster.
Important Note: This Extension is only for FireFox browser. If your using Google Chrome, click HERE. [coming soon]

• To start the tutorial for the Tum-Taster. First we must install the Add-on Greasemonkey, click HERE to install.

What is Greasemonkey? Is a Firefox extension that allows you to customize the way a web page displays or behaves, by using small bits of JavaScript.

• After GreaseMonkey is install, restart Firefox, and a new Icon will appear on the right-sidebar. A monkey-icon will show, make sure you have a check-mark on the ENABLE option.

• Now let's go to THIS website to install the extension TumTaster.

• Restart your Firefox, and go to Tumblr. Find a Music or song post and it should look like this ... - and now you're finish!