Tutorial: How to Let people Submit Posts

Tumblr Submit Posts feature is very common in many blogs - this allows people to add content to your blog. People can add: text, photos, quotes, links and videos. 

Can they add anything they want? Yes, but! you can approve or deny any content submitted, so you still have control of the posts and re-blogs on your Tumblr blog. To enable this option here's a quick and easy tutorial!

First Log into your Tumblr Account.
• On the Top Bar of the page, find the Blog Settings. It looks like a wheel-icon like the photo below:

Choose the blog you want to Let people Submit Posts from the options. Like the photo below: 

2. Now scroll-down till you find Submissions. Click on the check-mark box to enable Submissions.  Choose your page title, guidelines and the allowed post types. 

3. If you finish, scroll-up (on the right side) and click on the SAVE button. Now people are able to submit posts on your blog! Happy Blogging!