Extension: Tumblr Edit Tags (Learn to Tag the Easy Way!)

Hello Everyone! Did you know there's a easy way to Edit your Tags from your Dashboard? How? With the Extension Tumblr Edit Tags - allows you to Edit tags the easy way.

For this post I will do a quickly tutorial on How to Install this extension. Why? The extension is a Script and if doesn't install automatically you will have to follow the following steps to enable  Tumblr Edit Tags .

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How to Install?

1. Visit the Tumblr life official website HERE.
2. Click on the Install button and find the script in your files. Don't know the icon for a Script? It should look like this:


3. To install the script simply drag-and-drop the file into your extensions options.
4. Enable the  Tumblr Edit Tags.
5. Go to the Tumblr Website and check your Blog Dashboard, right beside the text or photo, there's a new option that says "edit tags".