Tumblr Acting Weird? Tumblr pages not loading properly. Quick Tips!

Hello Everyone! I notice a lot of people having the same problem on Tumblr. The Tumblr website doesn't wanna load properly. If you're having this problem try the following solutions it might help you out:

• Refresh the page 1-3 (or more) times to see if it loads properly.
• Disable all your extensions on your browser: Google Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer.
• Delete the cookies of your browser.
• Do you have the latest version of flash and java downloaded? Make sure your browser have the latest updates in flash and java. If you're using Google Chrome the flash updates are automatically.
• Try opening another browser from your main to see if Tumblr loads properly. For example if your main browser is Google Chrome try Firefox or Internet Explorer.
• If you have any Dashboard Background - remove it.
• This problem occurs sometimes when the Missing-E affects Tumblr, if you have the extension Missing-E disable it or uninstall it.
• If none of this options work, contact Tumblr Support and note that you try all the options before but didnt' work. How to find Tumblr Support? Go HERE and scroll the page down -- and click on Contact Support.
• Good Luck!

Update: I was searching for more solutions to this problem and I found a new method for FIREFOX users. By Ericson Villamin on Yahoo.com.

1. Open firefox
2. Type about:config on your search bar.
3. You will see a list of preference
4. Reset all highlighted (bold) preferences to default. to do that right click and click reset.
5. Restart browser