Tutorial: How to Re-blog myself? Using Missing-E

Hello Everyone! If you wish to re-blog yourself (because Tumblr doesn't allow you to) I recommend you to install the add-on or extension Missing-E. On this tutorial I will show you how to Re-blog yourself using Missing-E.

If you want to know more about Missing-E or wish to install it please visit: Missing-E! The new Tumblr Experience!

Ok, let's start the tutorial. First you must have install Missing-E for chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer.

1. Now depending on the browser you're using open the Missing-E extension.
Fore example if your using Chrome you'll go to
• Settings >> Extensions >> Options >> Post Features

If you're using FireFox:
• FireFox (top left corner) >> Add Ons >> Extensions

2. In Any browser that you're using (IE, Chrome, Firefox) Find the POST FEATURES option. Scroll all the way down and find the Reblog Yourself Option, make sure is all check marked.

3. Let's go to Tumblr now. Log in, and find the re-blog button on your Dashboard.  And there you have it, now you can re-blog yourself! thanks to Missing-E add-on.