"Random Tumblr Spam" Helpful Tips

Hello Everyone! I notice a lot of Tumblr users are having this "Random Tumblr Spam", the spam just "appears" on your blog and is extremely annoying. Here's a few tips to fight back this annoying pain in the lower back spam:

DO NOT click on the link the photo have. It you click on the picture it has a big chance of your Tumblr account getting hack. Also tell your followers to not click on the Spam photos.

• Contact Tumblr Support as soon as possible to fix your blog. Click HERE it will take you directly to the help support page. If you don't see the contact email, simply type "support" on the search bar.

• Change your Blog password. If you have more than one account, change their passwords also. Here are some ideas of how to choose a good password.

• Uncheck the "Let people look me up by this address" in the Blog Settings. How to get there? click HERE for the tutorial.

• On Blog Settings - the application tab revoke anything that looks suspicious.

• I don't know if this one will work but I read into it, and you can try it: "In your settings go to your blog name link on the left hand side then scroll down and locate the ‘Post by Email’ section. Click reset." by punkatheistmomma

• Delete all the "Random Spam Post" made.

I have contact Tumblr Support and yes - you must change your HTML theme.
"If your blog is showing a fake Tumblr login page, a fake age verification, or anything other than your normal blog theme, it is recommend it to change your theme. Click the Themes button. Choose a new theme. Click the Use button. And, click the Save button." - by Tumblr Support