Tutorial: How to Queue in Tumblr. Keep your Blog Active and Consistent.

Hello Everyone! Sometimes we cannot log in on Tumblr for some random reasons, but you feel like you want to keep re-blogging for all your followers. Ever have that feeling? Well I have great news for you, Tumblr allows you to Queue photos, text or anything else you wish. 

What does Queue means? 
Queue in Tumblr means to aline by date photos, text, quotes, audio, links or videos that will be posted later on. The queue lets you stagger posts over a period of hours or days. It's an easy way to keep your blog active and consistent.

Less read and more action! -- Let's start the tutorial.
• First we need to log in the Tumblr Account, find the blog you wish to add Queue photos, text, links, etc.

• To Queue something in Tumblr you must be Reblogging something from another user OR start a new photo, link, video, etc. Click on Re-blog to start your new work:

• Either your creating a new post or re-blogging from someone else, a new window will pop on your screen. Find the "blue box" option, like in the following picture.

• Choose the ADD TO QUEUE option. Once you choose it, click on Queue post, and you're finish. The post will be re-direct to your queue list.