Tutorial: Where to Find my Queue Posts? How to change the time between queue posts.

On the previous tutorial, I was talking about How to Queue in Tumblr and for this one, let's explain How to Find your Queue Posts and How to change the time between queue posts.

First Step: Log in to your Tumblr Account
• Choose the blog that have Queue Posts. (This only apply if you have more than your main blog)
• On the Right-Side bar Find the Option that says "Queue", like in the following picture:

• The Queue will allow you to stack posts over a period of hours or days. You can choose the # (number) of posts you want to have per day and between 12am-11pm till 1am-12am. You can also choose your Timezone.

(click to view larger)

• After you're done choosing the time of your posts. Click on the SAVE button that will appear. And you're finish!