Tutorial: How to add "Read More" when Replying / Answering someone

Hello Everyone! I made a tutorial that allows you to add the option "Read More" when creating a Post of any type (photo, text, quote, etc) but what happens when you have to Reply or Answer someone who writes you a private message. Where is the "Read More" option? There's none!

Let me teach you how to add the "Read More" when Replying or Answering someone.

• First you must be Log in you Tumblr Account.
• On your Dashboard find the INBOX button on the top corner of the Tumblr page and click on it.

• Once you open the message, you'll notice there's no "Read More" or "Page Break" icon. What to do?
1. Type your paragraph. Add a photo and do everything normal. Now when you want to add the "read more" find the HTML option, like in the following photo:

2. Where you want to add the "read more" add the following code: <p>[[MORE]]</p>

3. Now click on the UPDATE at the end of the window.
4. Now on the message window you'll see the "Read More" option. Like the photo below: Click on Publish and you're done!