Tumblog-it! says... Did you know that about Tumblr?

Hello Everyone! Here's another Tumblog-it says ... Did you know that about Tumblr? - Did you know Tumblr allows you to install Extensions to simplify your Tumblr experience? 

Extensions are extra features or small programs that can be add it  to your web browser (Google Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer). By using an extension on Tumblr you can simplify many options, for example: you can re-blog faster, see who un-follow you, in other words allows you to blog faster and easier.

Ready to try One? Here's a list of tutorials we have made to help you understand better "How to Install an Extension".

Easy Mode!
• Missing-E! The new Tumblr Experience!
• Extension: Tumblr Life. Re-blogging have never been so easy!
• Extension: Tumblr Edit Tags 

Not-so easy Mode!
• Tutorial: How to Change your Dashboard Background (for Mozilla Firefox users)
• Tutorial: How to Change your Dashboard Background  (for Google Chrome users)