Tutorial: How to re-size a image? using HTML

Hello Everyone! For this tutorial I'm gonna teach you How to re-size a image? using HTML, the easy way! For a quick definition of what HTML means you can visit our Tumblog-it dictionary. Here's a image of what you will be doing in this tutorial, trust me is super easy!

• First step is Log in your Tumblr Account. (of course! who doesn't know that?)

• Tumblr allows you to customize your images using different tools, you can write a message or change your template, whatever your doing, find the option that allows you to use HTML. For example in messages looks like:

While in the Template customization looks like:

• Now COPY the following code, and PASTE it wherever you want to have the image:

• Replace MY IMAGE URL, the width and height of this example.
• If you have no idea how to size your image, I made a few examples:

 (width) 100x100 (height)

 (width) 200x250 (height)

 (width) 400x250 (height)

Tips: Just play with the numbers till you reach the perfect size that you wish for! Let us know if this tutorial was helpful by clicking on the check-boxes below. Thank you.